A Vampy Lip

Friday, 30 November 2012

From the recent MAC Marilyn Monroe collection, I bring you the perfect 'vampy' lip! Deeply Adored is a beautiful dark red shade with slight blue undertones. Although in swatches it may appear a bit plum toned don't be fooled, this is most definitely a deep scarlet red that would look beautiful on a variety of skintones. 

As you would expect from a Matte lipstick, the colour payoff is really great. Some find the Matte formulas to be a little drying but on my lips they really aren't as drying for some reason! I actually seem to be the only person who finds the cremesheens a lot more drying.. Anyway, due to the pigmentation, this shade is opaque in one sweep across the lips and with a bit of lip liner to prevent bleeding (I used Rimmel's one in 'Black Tulip') you are good to go!

In terms of how to wear this, I think it looks best with really simple make up - I tend to wear nothing but mascara on the eyes and sometimes a bit of Nars blush in Sin on my cheeks, though most often I will just wear this with no blush or eyeshadow so all the focus is on the lips. The colour lasts a good few hours on the lips for me without the need of a touch up, which is really nice - especially on a night out.

Unfortunately, this collection sold out so quickly but if you ever see it in a blog sale or have a chance to get I would highly recommend snatching it up! 
What's your favourite dark lip shade?

Current Perfume Collection

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Compared to other beauty bloggers, its safe to say I don't have a large collection. I actually find it really hard to use perfumes up so try to keep mine to a minimum to prevent them going bad before I've had a chance to finish them! That aside, I thought I'd share the few I had with you all and my thoughts on each :)

Starting with the cheapest of the bunch, Britney Spears Radiance which you can pick up for around £28 for the biggest bottle, 100ml. I have to say, I'm really not much of a snob when it comes to nice scents and I do love the smell of this one, it has similar notes to my more expensive ones and is fruity and floral. It's key notes are tuberose, jasmine, orange flower, iris, berries, amber, musk and wood scents. I would highly recommend this as an everyday cheapish scent.

In the centre of the picture is one of my all time favourites, tied only with one I will mention later! This is the original Armani Code which in it's biggest size of 75ml retails for around £70. First off, the bottle for this is so beautiful! You'll see a recurring theme here that like many of the other perfumes, this has scents of orange blossom, jasmine and orange as well as musk, honey and vanilla notes to it. I tend to save this and my other favourite for special occasions and nights out because of their price, but really beautiful night out perfumes. It's the most amazing scent and I highly recommend trying it out in store!

Next up is my newest perfume, Stella Summer Rose which in the 100ml form is around £33 which I think is more than reasonable! I have to say, along with Armani I really do think Stella does some beautiful perfumes. This is great as an everyday perfume and as you can probably guess from the title it is pretty floral, but does have fruiterier notes to it too. It's most noticeable components are rose (obviously!), peony, lemon, apple and amber.

Armani Diamonds Summer is my only limited edition fragrance and my second Armani fragrance. I'll be honest here, I think out of the five this is probably my least favourite but that's not to say it isn't a nice scent. I sort of bought this on a whim and although I like it, it's just not as overwelmingly lovely as my others to me and I don't find it lasts as long as I'd like it to for the price I paid for it! It contains raspberry, litchi, rose, peony, musk, wood and amber and retails for around £62 for the full 100ml size but I'm sure mines smaller than that, I just can't find it!

Finally is my other all time favourite, Paco Rabanne Lady Million which in it's full 80ml size retails for around £55-65. This sounds really odd, but this is one of those scents that you feel really confident wearing! I definitely get the most compliments when I wear this or Armani Code which is always the sign of a great perfume to me. It's really longlasting and has notes of neroli, orange flower (again), jasmine (again!), bitter orange, raspberry, honey and patchouli. I really recommend this perfume and will always have it in my collection!

This doesn't really need to be said, but it's worth noting that I never buy perfumes for myself, I ask for them as presents and will only buy them on mine and my families annual trip to Boots on boxing day (yes we're that sad) where we use all our points we saved that year to buy the 50% off stuff leftover from Christmas which often includes perfume giftsets :)

What are your favourite perfumes?

Katherine xo

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

Sunday, 18 November 2012

After the positive feedback on my previous nail posts I thought today I'd write about my favourite mint green polish, Gargantuan Green Grape by OPI! I realise this may seem a bit inappropriate for this time of year, but I'm not one of those people who restricts myself to dark colours in the colder months, am I the only one who doesn't?! Anyway, onto the review..

I only bought this nail polish a couple of weeks ago whilst waiting for my flight to Dublin. Gatwick Airport was the worst temptation, it's full of such lovely brands and there's so many counters! Anyway, I've wanted this shade for ages after seeing it on Ingrid (MissGlamorazzi on Youtube), but never bought it online because I was convinced that mint greens don't go well with my skintone. Again, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a lovely colour in the bottle and on the nails.

(Please excuse my cuticles, I'd run out of cream for them!)

This shade only took a couple of coats until it was opaque, which was great. As much as everybody raves about OPI, I often find they can be a bit hit and miss. I seem to unintentionally choose shades that are either very sheer, chip easily or streak a lot and sometimes all three but I can report that this one does not do any of these things and is in fact a great formulation. It lasted around 4 days on my nails which is always good and if you're looking for a mint green or a new OPI polish I would highly recommend this one!

Empties #1

Monday, 12 November 2012

I've used up a few products lately and thought I would share them with you, as well as my thoughts on each one. I love these kinds of posts because it gives you quick reviews as well as a nosey insight to other peoples products!

The first product is the Clean Skin 5-in-1 Water from This Works. I've spoken more at length about this product here, so all I'll say is it does a great job of makeup removal. I only have one slight gripe with it which is that it stings my eyes slightly but I would repurchase if I end up preferring it to my recently purchased Bioderma (which I'm only just trying!)

My second product is the John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner. This is one of my favourite conditioners to use, as well as the Loreal Pink Elivive products as I don't like to spend too much on my hair routine as I find this already does a great job of making my hair smooth and shiny whilst minimizing my split ends. I would repurchase this product over and over but like alternating my conditioners so they still work to full effect.

Another empty is the Good Things Ultra Rich Body Lotion in the Cranberry and Avocado variety. First of all, this smells amazing! It sinks into the skin really quickly also which is a huge plus and I would definitely repurchase this in the summer as I feel the scent and texture is more geared for the warmer months.

Another I won't speak about it to much detail is Soap & Glory Scrub Em and Leave Em Body Scrub, as I've done a full review here. I have repurchased this at least 3 times and I don't see myself straying anytime soon. 

This isn't really a beauty product but I thought I'd throw in my favourite candle Beach Walk by Yankee Candle. I feel like I must be a bit of a different beauty blogger as I'm really not a fan of sweet, sickly scents and I really don't like vanilla! I'm more of a fan of their 'Fresh' candles which have more calming scents and this one definitely fits the bill with scents of salt water, sea musk, tangerine and orange blossom'. I seriously recommend smelling this and I will definitely repurchase!

Batiste dry shampoo's are another product I will always keep on me. This is the hint of dark brown colour one but I do just go for whichever one I feel like on the day which tends to either be this one, cherry or wild as they're my favourites.

Next is the Caudelie Beauty Elixir. A lot of people will disagree with me here, but this did absolutely nothing for my skin and I was so happy to finish it! I didn't like the smell, hated the fact it had alcohol as a main ingredients and saw no different to my skin whatsoever. I used it as a toner because it was expensive but I think it is completely over-hyped and would not repurchase.

Finally a bit of a boring one, the Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover. I always get this particular one because I know it does a good job and that's all I really need from a product like this.

If you would like to see full reviews of any ranges of these products please let me know :)

Katherine xo

The Liebster and Versatile Blogger Award!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

A few days ago I had a message to say I'd been nominated for the Liebster and Versatile Blogger Award by Bare Faced Beauty Junkie. I think this is a great opportunity for new bloggers (like myself!) to gain some recognition so thought i'd do the post myself :)

The Liebster blog award is for newer blogs with under 200 followers and it works like this:

  • List 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions the nominator made for you and also create 11 more questions for the blogs you nominate 
  • Choose 11 people and link them to your post 
  • Go to their page and tell them.
  • No tag backs

My 11 facts:

- My nicknames vary from Lilly, KP and Peanut. The first is because my sister couldn't say my name when we were little and the last 2 are because of my initials
- I am a huge fan of cooking and weight loss shows - my favourites being Masterchef and The Biggest Loser 
- I study Music and love it, I've interviewed a few bands now and it's the most exciting thing I've ever done 
- I love to read thriller/mystery books and love action films, I have a pretty manly taste in movies!
- I'm intolerant to dairy, eggs and cashews so I'm seriously limited on foods I can eat. I miss cheese and chocolate so bad!
- I have an extremely varied music taste but my favourite genre is folk, I particularly love Wakey! Wakey! and interviewed Grubbs before for my course (L) aka, Grubbs from One Tree Hill
- I am a bit of a nerd and love Xbox and Nintendo 64, mainly action games such as Grand Theft Auto
- I have a huge girl crush on Mila Kunis
- I'm a typical beauty blogger who loves Yankee Candles, except my favourites are the 'fresh' scents not the sweet ones that most people do
- I cannot sleep without a fan on in my room, I HATE sleeping in silence!
- I have an irrational fear of belly buttons, they literally make me gag :(


1. If you had to choose one beauty holy grail what would it be?  Probably Korres Lip Butters because I HATE having dry lips and they are the only things that work for me
2.If you could live in one city in the world where would it be and why? I'm not totally sure! I'd probably want to live nearish to London still for my career but I would definitely live in Dublin if I could take all my loved ones with me :)
3.Are you Team Edward or Jacob? Twilight actually really isn't my thing, oops!
4.Do you watch the Real Housewives? If so what's your favourite city? Again, don't really watch this either!
5.Do blondes have more fun? I've never been a blonde so I'd obviously have to say no ;) we all do no matter what the hair colour!
6.Would you rather be boiling hot or freezing cold? Cold, because I love snuggling up in hoodies and my quilt
7.The Kardashians- yay or nay? Yay that their make up is always beautiful, nay to being a huge fan!
8.Are you a dog or cat person? Definitely dog person. I have a dog at home :)
9.What's the most fulfilling thing you have ever done? Probably interviewing Wakey! Wakey! as they are one of my favourite bands
10. If you got given £1000 what would you spend it on? A treat for all my loved ones and a holiday!
11.Any beauty tricks to share? Not so much a tip but when filling in eyebrows I always find it's a lot better to apply gel first so you get a neater finish

Finally, the blogs I tag!

Ferdie's Place - http://ferdies-place.blogspot.co.uk/

The 11 Questions I ask them..

1) What are three beauty items you couldn't live without?
2) What is your favourite nail polish?
3) Holy Grail skincare item?
4) What's your favourite genre of movies and your favourite movie?
5) What's your aim in blogging?
6) If you could visit any other country, what would it be?
7) What company would you most like to work for?
8) How would you describe your style?

9) Favourite musician?
10) What's your wierdest fear?
11) What's your favourite thing about blogging?

What's in my travel makeup bag?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Hey everyone :) 
Firstly, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while! I managed to leave my camera charger at home whilst i'm a couple of hours away at uni but I've managed to borrow a friends camera to show you what's in my travel makeup bag. The one that I use is a cosmetics bag from Cath Kidston and I find it's the perfect size for a weekend away.
Over the weekend I actually went away to Dublin for two of my friends' 21st's so thought I would show you the makeup and brushes that came away with me!

Face Products: To prime my skin, I took my Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer. This product is great, mainly due to the fact it is water based meaning it doesn't clog my pores but still manages prolongs my makeup without feeling too heavy on the skin. I then took my Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Cream which is my favourite base at the moment as it is looks so natural and still lasts well on my combination skin. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum only has one purpose for me, which is my 'going out' foundation as it has no SPF but a natural finish. My concealer of choice was the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection which I just used around any pigmentation on my cheeks and on my dark circles.

Cheek Products: For my cheeks, I kept it relatively simple only taking three products. For contouring, I took my all time favourite bronzer Nars Laguna which is the perfect shade when used with a light hand on fair skin. I only bought one blush, which doubled as a blush and highlight which was MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Light Year' which comes out as a flattering nude on the cheeks. To powder my skin, I used my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium which I find sets my makeup without looking cakey.

Eye Products: For priming my eyeshadows I used my MAC Paint Pot in 'Painterly' which is basically the perfect base for evening out any discolouration around my eyes and to prolong eyeshadow. For eyeshadow I took my MAC Palette which consists of All That Glitters, Ricepaper, Sable and Satin Taupe. I particularly love Sable for a night out! I took my Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in 'Nude' to brighten up my eye area and my all time favourite mascara Max Factor 2000 Calorie - it's amazing!
Just because I forgot to include it in my brush photo, I use the Eco Tools Eyeliner Brush to fill in my brows and the other is the MAC Short Shader Brush which is great for doing the 'V' on your eye and my Tweezerman eyelash curlers!

Eyebrow Products: My brow colour of choice is my MAC eyeshadow in 'Espresso' which is a great matte brown for dark haired girls. To set my brows, I use the elf Clear Brow Set which does such a good job and it's so cheap!

Lip Products: I kept my lip choices relatively simple, taking only three which is an achievement for me! For daytime, I chose either my MAC Lipstick in 'Lady Bug' which is a sheer red or the Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine. For night time, I wore my favourite red lipstick which is MAC's 'Charmed I'm Sure' from the Marilyn Monroe Collection.

Brushes: Finally, are the brushes I took with me. I kept it simple, taking my Eco Tools Eyeshadow Brush for eyeshadow, Sigma Powder Brush for setting my makeup, Real Techniques Contour Brush for contouring and highlight,  Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for my foundation, MAC 109 Brush for my blush and Real Techniques Setting Brush for concealer and setting powder under my eyes.

So there you have it! If you would like to see any in depth reviews of any of these products please let me know!

Katherine xo

Review: Topshop Celestial - the most beautiful nail polish ever?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Topshop Celestial may just be my all time favourite nail polish. When I first set eyes upon Celestial, I was sure it would be another blue shade far too bright for my pale skin, especially since I've never found a blue that looks nice. However, I was ecstatic to discover that this one is absolutely perfect! A cornflower blue, this is not as harsh as some brighter shades due to the purpley undertone and stands out in the right way.

I've also found the application and finish of Topshop nail polishes to be really great. This particular shade only takes 2 coats to be opaque and leaves a lovely shine to the nails. It lasts around 4 days on my nails (this picture being taken on day 4, hence the slight chip on my thumb!) which I think is a great wear time and at £5, it is definitely worth trying out for yourself! 

Which Topshop polishes do you love? :)