MAC Eyeshadow Collection!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well. Today I wanted to do a post that's been requested a couple of times, what's in my MAC palette. My love for MAC eyeshadows started around three years ago and from there I've collected enough of these little beauties to finally fill up one of their fifteen eyeshadow palettes. I'll start by saying almost all my shades are neutral. I'm not too crazy experimental when it comes to eyeshadows, though you will see a like the odd purplely tone now and again! Onto the shades :)

From L - R by row: Orb, All That Glitters, Malt, Brule, Ricepaper, Era, Shale, Satin Taupe, Soba.

From L - R by row: Sable, Cranberry, Omega, Charcoal Brown, Tempting, Sumptuous Olive.

I organise the shadows roughly by putting pinker tones on the top row, yellower tones on the middle and then any other colours on the bottom row.

Orb (Satin) - This colour is a very light pinky beige that I love to use all over the lid.
All That Glitters - To me, this is more of a pinky gold champagne shade thatsuits everyone.
Malt (Matte) - This is another pinky beige that I love for in the crease
Brule (Satin) - Another great all over base colour but more of a white than Orb.
Ricepaper (Frost) - One of the first shadows I got! A pretty yellowish gold.
Era (Satin) - A light beige with shimmer (slight theme going here...)
Shale (Satin) - This is a pretty mauve grey that I love for a purple smokey eye.
Satin Taupe (Frost) - This and shale are the perfect match but this colour goes with everything.
Soba (Satin) - A goldy brown with fine shimmer.
Sable (Frost) - A plummy bronze, I use this a lot.
Cranberry (Frost) - The craziest shade in my palette but I love this for dramatic eyes! A reddish purple.
Omega (Matte) - I love this in the crease as a light contour but also through the brows paired with the next shade as it's a nice light brown.
Charcoal Brown (Matte) - Again, a great matte brown crease colour and brow shade.
Tempting (Lustre) - A great true bronze.
Sumptuous Olive - A beautiful golden green colour.

I can't go too much into the finishes as I know nothing about them but it's clear looking at this that I love Satin's, Frosts and Matte's! I do like something not overly shimmery usually with matte shades in the crease so too me it makes a lot of sense to have so many! If I had to pick out four must have shades I'd have to go with All That Glitters (my all time FAVOURITE eyeshadow), Malt (great for the crease), Sable (my favourite deeper shade) and Shale (great for the pop of colour). That's all the shades I own - I would love to hear what your favourite shades are too! :)

L - R: All That Glitters, Malt, Sable, Cranberry, Brule, Ricepaper, Era, Omega, Charcoal Brown.

L - R Sumptuous Olive, Tempting, Soba, Satin Taupe, Shale.


  1. You have some lovely shades! I've been wanting to try a Mac eyeshadow for ages! x
    Amy |

  2. I love Brule, I also love Cork and Era :)

    Kate xo |

  3. All That Glitters looks like the PERFECT shade, I feel like I need it in my collection! xx

  4. Ahh heaven, I love MAC eyeshadows! I think I may need to get a big palette like that.

    Maddy @

  5. Such a fab collection, I'm jealous!
    Megan xxx

  6. Gorgeous selection of colours. I still haven't venture into MAC eyeshadows yet. But Sable and Cranberry look really nice.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  7. A lot of great staple colors! I love ricepaper! I want to try satin taupe!

  8. so jealous! i really need to start a mac palette!!

  9. Ah, what a great collection! Like that you've provided a brief description of each- so helpful! Ricepaper, Satin Taupe, and Sumptuous Olive are among my faves for sure :)


  10. Great post and photos as usual lovely! I just wrote down some of these shades and I can't wait to go swatch them at MAC! :) They are all so pretty! <3

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  11. great collection, I need more mac eyeshadows as they do such good neutrals!

    B xx

  12. amazing colours, I absolutely love your collection xx

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    1. I love those colors, my favorites for eye shadows :)