Favourite A/W Nail Polishes!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

First of all please excuse some of my swatches looking a little sloppy, I didn't intend to have it look this way but it was the result of late night nail painting and I didn't realise until after I'd taken the photos!
That aside, I thought today I would share with you some of my favourite autumn/winter nail varnishes. 

From Left to Right - OPI 'I'm Not Really A Waitress', Barry M 'Racing Green', Barry M 'Navy', Revlon 'Bewitching' and Barry M 'Vivid Purple'.

Firstly, OPI's 'I'm Not Really A Waitress' is one of their best selling shades and for good reason. It's a true red with shimmers running through it, making it the perfect seasonal colour.

As you can see, I'm a huge fan of Barry M nail varnishes and I honestly think they are one of the best forumla's out there. Due to the quality and price, I have more Barry M then any other brand and believe they bring out some lovely, bold shades. I really don't hear enough about the shade 'Racing Green', it is so underrated! It is a shimmery emerald green and I really believe it would look amazing on any skintone.

Barry M 'Navy' is exactly what it says on the bottle. A true, dark navy shade with shimmer running through it. This is one of those shades that can go with any outfit and I use this shade a lot in the colder months!

Next up is Revlon's 'Bewitching'. This shade is everything I wanted Barry M's 'Raspberry' to be on me! It's a dark raspberry red shade that really compliments my pale skintone, it is true to the colour it is in the bottle unlike Raspberry which was far darker on my nails - though I know not everyone has this problem!

Finally, is a well known Barry M shade 'Vivid Purple'. Like the other Barry M shades I have spoken about, it has a fine shimmer running through it and shows up true to colour as a dark plummy purple shade.

What are your favourite shades for the cooler months? Do you like these shades also? :)

Katherine xo


  1. Great selection, i love the #2

    - Nora

    1. it's definitely one of my all time favourites! x

  2. Love the red! x


    1. it's such a lovely colour this time of year! x

  3. The Barry M Green shade is my favourite I might right a whole blog post about it. It looks amazing :)

    1. ah I'm glad there's someone else that loves it! it's definitely not spoken about enough :) x

  4. I like the blue one..It is different from all the colors...But the red one is preferred as it looks sexy and sensational..