Review: Soap & Glory Scrub Em and Leave Em!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Today I thought I'd write a review on one of my holy grail products, Soap and Glory's 'Scrub Em and Leave em'. Although most people seem to talk about their Breakfast Scrub or Sugar Crush, I much prefer clean/fruity scents over sweet ones so this suits me perfectly.

Soap & Glory says the product contains scents of Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Magnolia, Freesia, Vanilla and Musk.  The scrub is formed of sea salt, jojaba (whatever that is!) as well as Mandarin Oil, which you can really pick up on in the scent.

I love this particular scrub not only for the scent, but the way it works at scrubbing away any rough patches of skin whilst moisturizing the area leaving it soft and smooth. I mainly use this on the tops of my arms where I have particularly rough skin and it really helps to improve the look and feel of the area.

In terms of price, it is actual more cost efficient than the most other scrubs by Soap & Glory. If you compare it to the others, the only one better value for money is Flake Away, which is £7.00 for 300ml. This one is £7.50 for the 300ml, whilst others (in particular The Breakfast Scrub which is £9.50 for the same amount!) are 50p or more expensive than this one, or the same price but for 100ml less product.

If you prefer fruity/floral scents, I would definitely recommend smelling this in store and giving it a try. I'm on my third scrub and really don't see myself drifting from it anytime soon!

Katherine xo


  1. great review!i love soap and glory scrubs,in fact I like all their products!xx

    1. me too, massive fan of their stuff it's always been great quality :) x

  2. I love Breakfast Scrub it is my favourite. I'm not sure on this one because of the floral scents. Sounds like this is a bargain though :)

    1. yeah I think they are all very personal to the sorts of scents you like! it's good value for money but then for the quality I think they all are! x