2012 Favourites: Lips

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss (One shown in 'Pink Ice') - This is cheating a bit but this lipgloss is a representation of all this range, this one being my favourite. I was never a lipgloss girl until I tried Revlon's as they apply beautifully and don't feel sticky or uncomfortable on the lips. They are also so pigmented, far more than any high end lipgloss I've tried and I love the packaging. Definitely one worth trying before you write off lipgloss entirely!

Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose - This again is my favourite shade of the range but all these lip butters are incredible. They are what I wear if I'm going for a simple look or my lips are extremely dry and I find these work better at moisturizing my lips than any other I've tried, including Blistex and Vaseline. This one in particular comes out a natural deepish pinky red and I honestly wouldn't be without these.

MAC Lipstick in Plumful - First off, I apologize for all the MAC in this 'top 5'! I'd be lying if I said they weren't my favourite lipsticks. This one is particular I got about 9 months ago as I much prefer deeper shades on me. It actually comes out lighter than it looks in the bullet, more of a berry shade which I love. I also really enjoy the lustre formula, it's one of my favourites along with the finishes of the next two

MAC Girl About Town - This is my go to lipstick for a night out (as you can probably tell by how much it's melted, oops!) that I find works so well at making a statement without looking ridiculously overdone. It comes out a fuchsia pink with blueish undertones and I am yet to see this on someone and it not suit them.

MAC Charmed I'm Sure (LE) -  Sorry to include something LE but I couldn't not speak about this lipstick. It has fast become one of my all time favourite MAC shades and my favourite red shade ever. I think because it leans slightly pink it's just so flattering, I have problems wearing really blue toned reds as they just look too much on me for some reason but this is a perfect neutral red that I'd recommend anyone snatching up if you have a chance! The only colour that's meant to be slightly similar is Ruby Woo, which I may try if I ever use this up!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick or lip product of the year?


  1. I'm so happy I found your Blog, because on my Blog I also talked about Mac and Revlon lipsticks.
    I love Mac's Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo. It's truly stunning. Let me know what you think of the colors I chose for my Blog. Thanks:)


    1. that's the next on my list when I can back to mac incidentally! x

  2. This is a lovely post, it's so interesting to see what people's all time favourite things are. I love MAC lippy too, Hue is my fave but I really want girl about town! My fave lip product of the whole year has to be the Revlon Kissable balm stains, they're amazing. lovely blog too, now following :) xxx

    1. Girl About Town is the most lovely bright shade! I like the balm stains too, they are so nice. So honored you even looked at my blog, been a fan of yours and your videos for ages thank you :) x

  3. plumful looks gorgeous! i haven't tried any mac products yet but i hope to try some in the future :) your posts are wonderful :)