2012 Favourites: Nails

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Barry M Berry Ice Cream - You probably can't tell because I've shaken up the bottle so much, but this is one of my most used nail varnishes. It's one of the only ones I've ever used up completely and repurchased (something that needs to happen again soon!). It's a beautiful light, bright lavender with a hint of greyish undertones in my opinion and a colour that I find goes with pretty much anything.

Jessica Brilliance Top Coat - I NEVER hear anyone speak about this top coat but it's been my favourite forever. It leaves such a beautiful shiney finish and allows my nail varnish to last so much longer, I've never felt the need to try any other top coat because I don't feel like anything could work as well as this.

OPI Nail Envy - A blogger favourite this product definitely deserves all the hype it gets. First of all, it's lasted me for ages despite using it most weeks as a treatment before painting my nails. It's just done wonders to my nails and I really notice when I haven't used this for a while how much weaker my nails become and how prone they are to breaking. 

Topshop Celestial - I've already done a full review of this here but this is literally the most perfect nail varnish I've ever come across. It stands out beautifully and I just find myself reaching for it so much because when I have it on I literally cannot stop staring at my nails (does anyone else do this?!). Definitely an all time favourite and one I will purchase over and over, the formula is also great!

Barry M Pink Flamingo - Another polish from my favourite nail polish brand! This is my favourite pink to wear, I just find it's so flattering and pretty and I love that it leans slightly coral. It's really a stunning pink if you want something that goes with anything you wear

& if you'd like to see my Barry M polish collection with swatches of both the polishes mentioned, please go here :)


  1. Hey, doe you think your nails become reliant on the Nail envy then?
    Been wanting to try it for the longest time x

    1. not so much that I don't think, it's more my nails are really prone to breaking usually (i'm just really clumbsy!) and it's the only thing that really helps them x

  2. I love love love nail envy, it completely transforms my nails! and Topshop Celestial looks like a gorgeous shade :) xx

    1. it's incredible, as is the topshop polish! :) x

  3. I love the two Barry M colours you have chosen as favourites. Definitely interested to try the Jessica top coat, considering the one I'm using at the moment leaves bubbles :s


    Mel xx

  4. I love Barry M polishes too and that OPI sounds great, love a good base!



  5. I have the same two Barry M colours :) Loving the Topshop blue!

    Lana, xo